Eco Refinery

Syngenik has been making effort since 2012 to impact in Canada's emerging bio-fuels industry. We are using revenues from oil sands development to invest in bio-fuels, particularly ethanol produced from corn. Ethanol is a cleaner burning, renewable resource. The ethanol production industry is expanding in North America. New government regulations require that a percentage of ethanol be blended into fuels to reduce the environmental impacts of vehicle emissions.

Our collaborative investment in Ethanol plant, is expected to yield  an environmental benefit of up to 600,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas reductions annually.

We employ the Asphaltene-removal technology yields Eco-friendly refinery by-products. This is achieved through the Novel non-combustion asphaltene which is uses are enabling refiners to use materials previously considered waste streams in a manner that has a positive environmental impact.

Syngenik continues its commitment to understanding and evaluating the economic viability of renewable-energy sources.

Syngenik is involved in photovoltaic in North America to test and evaluate solar technologies. We have an ongoing Project in Kuwait to evaluate seven photovoltaic technologies to determine the potential application of renewable power at other company-owned facilities. We are looking to achieve 13 megawatts of renewable energy, or enough electricity to power approximately 6000 homes for a year.


One of our 2020 goals include building a Wind Farm, in our Burgan refinery site near that will turn an 5-turbine, 8 megawatt–capacity wind farm, which, at peak capacity, produces enough electricity to power approximately 7000 homes in Kuwait for a year.