The Ahmadi, Burgan field.
Image credit Nasa.

Oil was discovered at the Ahmadi field in 1952. The Great Burgan field is located on the north-south trending Kuwait Arch, which was a basement horst that was reactivated in the Late Jurassic during the break-up of Gondwana.

The origin of the Burgan, Magwa and Ahmadi domes located on the Kuwait Arch have been ascribed to movements of the Infra-Cambrian Hormuz Salt at the base of the sedimentary succession as well as the tectonic stresses that have affected this region in Mesozoic and Cenozoic times.

The burgan feild
Image credit Nasa.

The NNE-SSW trending anticline, measuring 35 by 20 km, is asymmetric with the western flank dipping less than 2° and the eastern flank dipping locally as high as 10°. This is where the Ahmadi domes is located. Syngenik Oil & Gas is operating as a subsidiary of our partners the Kuwait oil Company.

Burgan reserve unit.

Syngenik oil and gas has an agreement with Kuwait as a subsidiary to operate the kingdom’s 50 percent interest in the hydrocarbon resources of the Ahmadi Field. The agreement was extended and amended in 2017; it expires in 2025.