• For over a decade we have partnered with several  engineering, procurement, construction, and start-up contractors of for a wide variety of natural gas and process steam facilities as well as for modification and retrofits to existing fossil facilities.
  • Syngenik is in partnership with other energy firms that implemented a suite of breakthrough technologies in some of the world’s most complex reservoirs.
  • Syngenik, in cooperation with other oil firms has been involved in detailed engineering and procurement for the Kuwait LNG liquefaction train
  • We understand that by improving oil well pump efficiency they could extend the economic life of far deeper wells by years.
  • Syngenik Energy's refining and marketing operations in Canada and Kuwait provide a vital link between our growing resource base in North American and Middle east energy market. We process oil sands crude into the high-quality refined products that consumers demand.
  • Among our top priorities operating safely, reliably and with a commitment to protecting the environment. 
  • Sygnenik Oil and Gas operates a system of generating plants fueled by oil or natural gas, including combustion turbines, combined-cycle units and oil-fired units.
  • Syngenik has been making effort since 2012 to impact in Canada's emerging bio-fuels industry.